Paper Plate Shark Jaws For this craft, you will need:

*Paper plates (A “deep dish” non-crimped/non-fluted Chinet style plate worked well for me, because it is smooth and sturdy)


*(Pencil & eraser if needed for extra confidence)

STEP 1: Fold the paper plate in half “backwards” (i.e., with the bottom of the plate facing you, and the folded edges coming toward you)

Paper Plate Shark Jaws STEP 2: Using small scissors trim away the outer edges of the plate in a sweeping arched “m” design on the top half and bottom half, which should leave it looking like the hinges on the jaw, and the “m” shaped bottom & top of the mouth.

Look at pictures online of real shark jaws to get inspiration, if the craft-samples in these photos don’t help you visualize the outline.

STEP 3: Carefully cut out a large oval from the middle.

STEP 4: Work from that center to cut out free-form teeth that follow the inside arc of the paper plate on the top and bottom. I just snipped away happily. Shark teeth are often quite irregular and jagged and not always parallel.

Have fun!